With Conversational lead generation we approach potential customers through LinkedIn on a structural and personal basis. We follow up the conversation, in which context, content and the profile of the prospect are central. This until the prospect actually shows interest and is ready to schedule an appointment. Then we deliver the lead directly by mail to the client.

Stap 1: Onboarding

Market analysis
We start by collecting important information and background about your potential customers. Information such as market and company size, DMU composition, geographical area, industries or verticals.

Target group profile
Based on market analysis, proposition, agreements in customer groups, we compile your ideal customer profile.

We translate the overall proposition into the lead generation proposition, suited for the Dutch market.

Lead Generation Strategy
We jointly determine the strategy, plan of approach and planning.

Concept and content
We develop the content and storytelling concept based on the lead generation proposition.

Onboarding teams
Together we inform the lead generation related teams in both organizations.




Stap 3: Execution and optimization

First reach (invite) campaign:
Now that we understand your ideal customer, we will prepare the first reach (content-invite) strategy together with the follow-up messages, especially on LinkedIn. 


The follow-up strategy ‘Conversational Only’:
Each follow-up message is answered personally, based on the specific response of the lead, the context and our customer info. This distinguishes us from many other Lead Generation parties. We believe that only this approach leads to more and better leads and conversion to real and sustainable customer relationships.

Based on the Lead Generation Data and feedback from the prospects, the campaign is continuously optimized, both content and frequency, etc.