At SocioMerce you can choose between two kind of qualified leads:

1 Sales qualified lead

A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) at SocioMerce means:

  1. A potential customer who has indicated that they want to be in contact with your company.
  2. Do understand your product and are interested to know more about it
  3. We have had at least 3 relevant product and company related contacts with them
  4. The lead (contact person) is pre-qualified by branch, level and position (e.g. DMU-level).

We deliver the Sales Qualified Leads to you by e-mail or integrate the info directly into your CRM (including the relevant conversation content with the lead)

2 Sales Qualified Appointment (SQA)

We also can follow up the above Sales Qualified Leads, by scheduling the appointment for you.

The type of appointment depends on your product or service. Some examples are:

  • At your office or store;
  • At his office or store;
  • By phone, video conferencing (e.g. Skype, Zoom etc);
  • At a sales event organized by you, the branch or by SocioMerce.
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