SocioMerce has been founded by two specialists. We have knowledge of sales, (online) marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship. In addition, SocioMerce consists of a team of lead generation specialists. These are sales-driven professionals with which SocioMerce can achieve immediate scale-up and the required volume for its customers.

Jeroen Beltman - Sales specialist and founder

Jeroen Beltman

Jeroen has set up several sales organizations, also as interim. Jeroen knows how to add the appropriate and effective dose of commerce to every organization.


Rick de Vlieger - Online marketing specialist and co-founder

Rick de Vlieger

Rick is both hands-on, but also at strategical level able to grow every organization online. He has more than 10 years of managerial experience at online marketing companies.

In addition to management, SocioMerce has a large team lead of generation specialists who can be deployed in various fields.